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Welcome to ITM Systems Labs. page dedicated to all electronic hobbyists and Photo Art enthusiasts. This page describes some of my Electronic Projects, mostly modifications of Audio-Video equipment made by most famous brands and also some my own designs. These modifications are made by me to improve sound quality and functionality of electronic devices, built with most cost effective way by electronic equipment manufacturers, opening a field for Hobbyist like myself. Sometimes replacement of one IC chip, transistor or capacitor changes dramatically performance of device. Sometimes even the best of the best devices need some customization and improvement.



.:Main Topics:.


Restoration of Audio equipment made by Technics, Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer, Nakamichi and others. Upgrades and modifications of my audio equipment. Creating Integrated "Multibrand" Top Hi-Fi Audio-Video System.


This is my first Vacuum Tube Amplifier project. Very good sounding Single Ended Amp based on famous Triodes 300B, built with some innovations in Power Supply.


How to build your own Top Quality Home Theatre PC, Universal Bluray Player, Media Server, Streaming Media Player and Server, Designed to play all media formats in 7.1 Surround Sound and full HD 1080P or 4K video .


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